Powerful Practice Management and TCM with ShenProfessional

The five workspaces in ShenProfessional offer you a powerful and convenient way to manage every aspect of your practice.

Rather than using separate programs for each aspect of your practice’s work, ShenProfessional offers an integrated solution that is easy to use and designed with the needs of acupuncture and TCM professionals in mind.

ShenProfessional offers your Acupuncture or TCM practice everything you need. It allows you to easily manage your calendar, patients, and billing. These practice management features are brought together in one powerful and user-friendly piece of software.

TCM Theory for beginners and advanced

ShenProfessional includes a knowledge base that offers you an easy to use, comprehensive study of Chinese medicine. From the Foundations of Chinese Medicine to diagnostic tools, the software gives you over 500 pages of knowledge, with helpful interactive hyperlinks and illustrations.

ShenProfessional is faster and easier to use than conventional literature, making it great for both beginners and advanced practices.

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ShenProfessional’s TCM Theory also includes specialist areas of practice. These include Chinese Tongue diagnosis, complete with tongue gallery, and Extraordinary Vessels, with special palpation diagnostics. The software also provides extensive information on Fu Ke, or Chinese gynecology.

  • Foundations of Chinese Medicine
  • Extraordinary Vessels with special palpation diagnostics
  • Fu Ke – Chinese gynecology
  • Chinese Tongue diagnosis with tongue gallery
  • Interactive hyperlink study
  • Didactical useful
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TCM Tutorial – intelligent TCM Center

The ShenProfessional TCM knowledge base is expanded in the TCM Tutorial. Here you’ll find a TCM catalogue with an easy-to-use point search, as well as an Atlas of Acupuncture. This can make patient diagnosis and treatment quick, easy, and accurate.

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Whether you prefer the full text search or the point search, the TCM Tutorial provides you with diagnoses, causes, and treatment tips. The acupuncture charts include four anatomical layers, including root and branch information. ShenProfessional also makes it easy to cross reference diseases of mainstream medicine with Chinese diagnosis.

Along with the included information, you are also able to add your own notes to point information and TCM information. This allows you to customize the information to suit your own practice and experience.

  • Atlas of Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture Charts with 4 anatomical layers
  • Full text search
  • Point Search
  • TCM Diagnoses with TCM Information
  • Causes and treatment tips
  • Root and branch
  • Approved point combination
  • Add own notes to Point Information and TCM Information
  • Symptoms Catalogue with over 4000 entries
  • Diseases of mainstream medicine with Chinese diagnosis
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Billing – flexible and reliable

ShenProfessional allows you to create invoices with only a few clicks, whether you are billing for procedures, products, or a combination of the two. The software is easy to use and can streamline your billing process.

In ShenProfessional, you are able to customize the look of your invoices, and can edit items such as invoice numbers, billing codes, and products. The ability to customize the invoicing makes it a perfect choice for any healthcare practice.

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Invoices can be printed with ease, and reminders can be generated for unpaid invoices. This can help keep your acupuncture and TCM practice on top of billing and finances.

  • Create invoices with only a few clicks
  • Bill procedures and products
  • Customizable layout
  • Edit invoice no
  • Simple invoice, superbill
  • For all healthcare professions
  • Filter due billing (unpaid invoices)
  • Print invoices with MS Word
  • Edit billing codes and products
  • Taxes optional
  • Reminder
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Patient Management

The patient management function of ShenProfessional makes it easy to track your clients from appointment to diagnosis, treatment to invoice. ShenProfessional’s patient management can also be a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to generate letters, newsletters, and other printed or emailed communication.

With a powerful patient management system, your practice can run smoothly. Client records are easy to access, making it possible for you to save detailed information such as symptoms, treatments, and procedures.

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You are also able to keep your patient records up to date with address management. You are also able to add numerous custom fields to suit your own practice’s unique needs. The patient management in ShenProfessional helps you with many tasks in your daily practice. In addition to the address management, documentation of findings and treatments, ShenProfessional offers a detailed TCM diagnosis analysis with root and branch diagnostics.

  • Address management
  • Documentation of findings (SOAP) and treatments
  • Save symptoms from symptoms catalogue
  • TCM diagnosis analysis with root and branch diagnosis
  • Save acupuncture points used in a treatment
  • Assign procedures and products to each appointment
  • Create serial letters, invitations, newsletter, congratulatory letters etc.
  • Interface to MS Word
  • Numerous free fields for individual needs
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ShenProfessional’s calendar works perfectly with the patient management and billing functions, allowing you to keep an easy and integrated record of appointments. You can schedule appointments with a simple double click, and changing an appointment is as easy as dragging and dropping.

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Patients can be given printed appointment reminders, and you are able to easily send mail appointment reminders from ShenProfessional.

ShenProfessional’s calendar also makes it easy to manage your practice. With color-coded appointments, you can keep track of different rooms or practitioners. You can easily switch between one-day, five-day, seven-day, or month displays, making it easy to plan your practice’s schedule in a convenient way.

  • Display today, 5-day week, 7-day week, month
  • Schedule appointments with a double click
  • Postpone appointments using drag and drop
  • Print appointment reminder
  • Mail appointment reminder
  • Colorize appointments (e.g. use different colors for different rooms)
  • Edit the time unit
  • Edit starter time of the calendar
  • Copy and paste appointments
  • Add notes to appointments
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TCM diagnostics with Root and Branch

An individual diagnosis attuned to each patient is the basis of a successful treatment, and contributes to an understanding between you and your patients. ShenProfessional supports you in a timely and effective way in making an accurate TCM diagnosis.

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  • TCM Information for each TCM diagnosis with symptoms, causes, treatment tips, root and branch and an approved point combination
  • Symptoms catalogue with more than 4000 symptoms, indications and Western medical diagnoses with accompanying TCM diagnostics. This is probably the world’s most detailed reference book.
  • Save and diagnose your patients symptoms with the mouse.
  • Diagnosis Analysis with overview of involved organs and with special root and branch diagnosis.
  • Sort options in the Diagnosis Analysis: Most frequent TCM diagnosis, most frequent root, most frequent branch
  • Cross-linked access to TCM Information and Point Search by using the right mouse button
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Acupuncture and Point Search

Time-consuming literature researches are no longer necessary. Benefit from approved point combinations or use the Point Search for an effective treatment.

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The Point Search is a special search function, made for acupuncture points. Search for points treating a single TCM diagnosis, or for points treating any combination of TCM diagnoses and TCM terms.

Example 1:
The Point Search for Lung Yin Deficiency gives all Lung Yin tonifying points as result.

Example 2:
The Point Search for Lung Yin Deficiency AND Heat gives as result all Lung Yin tonifying points, which dispel Heat.

Example 3:
The Point Search for Lung Yin Deficiency AND Yuan Source Point gives as result all Lung Yin tonfiying Yuan Source Points.

  • 409 Acupuncture Points with Extra Points
  • 4 layer Acupuncture Charts
  • Add own notes to Pointinformation
  • Full text search
  • Approved Point combination for each TCM Diagnosis
  • Point Search for an effective treatment
  • Document your treatment in Patient folder
  • Display needling method
  • Use drag and drop to save points in Patient folder
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Interface to MS Word

ShenProfessional uses a special connection to MS Word. Thus patient data is available automatically in MS Word. Create letters, serial letters and even emails or invoices with only a click. There are no limits regarding layout or marketing.

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How does it work?

With each export to MS Word, a simple text file is created, which contains the patient data as well as your practice data.

ShenProfessional takes care, that MS Word recognizes this text file as data source. In this way, the so-called merge fields – already inserted in the MS Word templates – are replaced by the data saved in the text file, e.g. address of the patient or of your practice.

If you click on the command patient letter in ShenProfessional, the data of one patient will be saved in the text file and be available in MS Word.
If you click on the command serial letter, the data of all your patients will be saved in the text file and be available in MS Word.

Which advantages do you have?

  • Customize layout using all functions of MS Word
  • Create address lists, labels, envelopes
  • Automized integration of your practice data
  • Always up to date
  • Use all features of MS Word (e.g. filter options)
  • Use free fields in Patient folder for additional individual information
  • Create marketing material like coupons or congratulation letters
  • Send emails or serial emails using MS Word
  • Create pdf-files from MS Word
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ShenProfessional – a cross linked system

The cross-linked database of ShenProfessional allows a new kind of studies. It allows ways, comparable with a page-turner, which you don’t want to put away.

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Click from symptoms to TCM diagnoses, from there to TCM Information, and then click to the Point Search and from Acupuncture Charts to Point Information. On the way, cross-link to other TCM diagnoses or TCM Information and let you be surprised, where your way will end.

Use the right mouse button to open the context menu, which gives access to the cross-linked ways.

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Working with folders

Imagine there is your calendar next to your patients file and additionally you study the point location using an atlas of acupuncture. ShenProfessional’s work spaces can do this all and a lot more.

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The work spaces in ShenProfessional are organised in folders. Folders can be opened separately or simultaneously. Since there are monitors with higher screen resolutions, this feature offers several advantages.

  • Open separately
  • Open simultaneously
  • Any arrangement
  • Increase or decrease in size
  • Full screen mode
  • Study several content simultaneously
  • Compare acupuncture points
  • Study TCM Theory in full screen mode
  • Communication between folders
  • Drag and drop symptoms or acupuncture points from TCM Tutorial to Patient folder
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