People behind ShenProfessional

Since 1993, the respected company has been recognised for building quality software for TCM, acupuncture, and practice management.


Juergen Bschaden

Juergen Bschaden

Managing director and owner of the software company ShenProfessional. Find more about Juergen below.

Dr. Jens Simon

Dr. Jens Simon

iXscite-Software – Dr. J. Simon – is responsible for the software development of ShenProfessional. Dr. J. Simon designs the software independently. He has the advantage of over 20 years experience in software development, specializing in databases and graphics.

Bruce Pang

Bruce Pang

Acupuncture and TCM specialist from China.
Bruce Pang is the leading head of ShenProfessional in Qingdao, China.


Yraima Colmenares
Acupuncture and TCM specialist from Venezuela. Yraima Colmenares is the leading head of ShenProfessional in Caracas, Venezuela.

Dr. Gerardo Rios
Acupuncture and TCM specialist from Honduras. Gerardo is the leading head of ShenProfessional in Honduras.


ShenProfessional develops high-quality software for Acupuncture, TCM and Practice Management since 1993.

Early in my career I discovered treatment advice in acupuncture medical literature didn’t always provide the desired patient outcome. This was particularly the case with complex pain syndromes, diabetes and tinnitus. I soon realised I was spending hours searching through obscure journals and books to find the answers to my questions.

That’s when I came up with the idea of a database that allowed professionals such as myself to quickly find the information needed to treat patients. A decade later, many professionals across the world trust ShenProfessional as a resource to provide both effective patient care and ensure reliable practice management.

I am particularly thankful to my Chinese colleagues who have provided a lot of information about traditional acupuncture techniques to ensure the ShenProfessional database is both accurate and comprehensive.


More about Juergen’s background:

After two years of sinology study in Wuerzburg and subsequent training for the Diploma in Physiotherapy, Juergen Bschaden completed training in Manual Segment Therapy in 1990 with Guenter Quilitzsch.

This was followed by Acupuncture Massage and Ear Reflex Zone Control with K. Radloff in Switzerland. Further TCM teachers such as C. Diolosa, F. Friedl, D. Matsumoto, J. Ross and A. Verluis influenced his career. At the age of 27, Juergen Bschaden opened one of the first private practices for acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Germany in 1993. To date, he has carried out about 30,000 treatments.

Mr. Bschaden is already known as an author for Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg (ShenProfessional 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 were published by Springer-Verlag, as was the Shen Acupuncture atlas). His specialist areas include the treatment of orthopedic disease patterns with an immunological basis, and in the treatment of complaints due to dysfunction of the extraordinary vessels.


Juergen Bschaden
Carl-Orff-Weg 4
35043, Marburg